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Everybody owns a car, but only a few know about ELV and ELV car scrap. Do you know about ELV? Till now, there has been no such educational definition for it, but it is defined as the decision generally made by the person owning the car. ELV stands for End of Life Vehicles. It is a term used and said by a car owner when he/she thinks that the car is no longer of better use and has come to an end. Every year, tons of scrap is collected when the owners of cars decide to put their junk or scrap in the junkyard. Your ELV or junk car can also be monetized. All you need is a proper way to do it. With Scraapy, buyers for scrap cars and used auto parts can easily sell your ELV and used car equipment. Follow the further listed steps. Sign up and register yourself, place an AD, initiate a negotiation, talk with the executive, finalize the deal, ensure the pickup, and receive the payment for the scrap offered.

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